I think that travel is a lot more than merely seeing the sights– that travel, and the important things you gain from it, can actually change your life.

I take a trip to grow as a person, to meet others who influence and teach me and to (ideally!) do the very same in return, to have my life enhanced by the charm and variety of this incredible world and to have my eyes, mind and heart widened.

I take a trip to make the most of my time in the world, to make every day count, rather than counting down the days till the weekend or to a 2 week trip– because life is just too short for me to live it any other way!

But most of all I take a trip for liberty– to live life on my terms, to be in charge of my own fate, to provide myself the most significant luxury—Time – Time to pursue my enthusiasms, dreams and aspirations rather than investing the best years of life day dreaming from a rain spotted window working all the time for another person’s dreams.